Hossain, M. E.

Drilling Engineering Problems and Solutions: A Field Guide for Engineers and Students

Hossain, M. E. - Drilling Engineering Problems and Solutions: A Field Guide for Engineers and Students, ebook


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Petroleum and natural gas still remain the single biggest resource for energy on earth. Even as alternative and renewable sources are developed, petroleum and natural gas continue to be, by far, the most used and, if engineered properly, the most cost-effective and efficient, source of energy on the planet. Drilling engineering is one of the most important links in the energy chain, being, after all, the science of getting the resources out of the ground for processing. Without drilling engineering, there would be no gasoline, jet fuel, and the myriad of other “have to have” products that people use all over the world every day.

Following up on their previous books, also available from Wiley-Scrivener, the authors, two of the most well-respected, prolific, and progressive drilling engineers in the industry, offer this groundbreaking volume. They cover the basics tenets of drilling engineering, the most common problems that the drilling engineer faces day to day, and cutting-edge new technology and processes through their unique lens. Written to reflect the new, changing world that we live in, this fascinating new volume offers a treasure of knowledge for the veteran engineer, new hire, or student.

This book is an excellent resource for petroleum engineering students, reservoir engineers, supervisors & managers, researchers and environmental engineers for planning every aspect of rig operations in the most sustainable, environmentally responsible manner, using the most up-to-date technological advancements in equipment and processes.

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