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Advanced Functional Materials

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Because of their unique properties (size, shape, and surface functions), functional materials are gaining significant attention in the areas of energy conversion and storage, sensing, electronics, photonics, and biomedicine. Within the chapters of this book written by well-known researchers, one will find the range of methods that have been developed for preparation and functionalization of organic, inorganic and hybrid structures which are the necessary building blocks for the architecture of various advanced functional materials. The book discusses these innovative methodologies and research strategies, as well as provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the cutting-edge research on the processing, properties and technology developments of advanced functional materials and their applications.

Specifically, Advanced Functional Materials:

  • Compiles the objectives related to functional materials and provides detailed reviews of fundamentals, novel production methods, and frontiers of functional materials, including metalic oxides, conducting polymers, carbon nanotubes, discotic liquid crystalline dimers, calixarenes, crown ethers, chitosan and graphene.
  • Discusses the production and characterization of these materials, while mentioning recent approaches developed as well as their uses and applications for sensitive chemiresistors, optical and electronic materials, solar hydrogen generation, supercapacitors, display and organic light-emitting diodes, functional adsorbents, and antimicrobial and biocompatible layer formation.

This volume in the Advanced Materials Book Series includes twelve chapters divided into two main areas: Part 1: Functional Metal Oxides: Architecture, Design and Applications and Part 2: Multifunctional Hybrid Materials: Fundamentals and Frontiers

Keywords: Functional metal oxides, Multifuctional hybrid materials, photovoltaic applications, antimicrobial biopolymers, advanced composite adsorbents, Gamma radiation technique, Discotic liquid crytalline dimers, Mesoporous Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanomaterials

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