Eshaghian-Wilner, Mary Mehrnoosh

Wireless Computing in Medicine: From Nano to Cloud with Ethical and Legal Implications

Eshaghian-Wilner, Mary Mehrnoosh - Wireless Computing in Medicine: From Nano to Cloud with Ethical and Legal Implications, ebook


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Provides a comprehensive overview of wireless computing in medicine, with technological, medical, and legal advances

This book brings together the latest work of leading scientists in the disciplines of Computing, Medicine, and Law, in the field of Wireless Health. The book is organized into three main sections. The first section discusses the use of distributed computing in medicine. It concentrates on methods for treating chronic diseases and cognitive disabilities like Alzheimer’s, Autism, etc. It also discusses how to improve portability and accuracy of monitoring instruments and reduce the redundancy of data. It emphasizes the privacy and security of using such devices. The role of mobile sensing, wireless power and Markov decision process in distributed computing is also examined. The second section covers nanomedicine and discusses how the drug delivery strategies for chronic diseases can be efficiently improved by Nanotechnology enabled materials and devices such as MENs and Nanorobots. The authors will also explain how to use DNA computation in medicine, model brain disorders and detect bio-markers using nanotechnology. The third section will focus on the legal and privacy issues, and how to implement these technologies in a way that is a safe and ethical.

  • Defines the technologies of distributed wireless health, from software that runs cloud computing data centers, to the technologies that allow new sensors to work
  • Explains the applications of nanotechnologies to prevent, diagnose and cure disease
  • Includes case studies on how the technologies covered in the book are being implemented in the medical field, through both the creation of new medical applications and their integration into current systems
  • Discusses pervasive computing’s organizational benefits to hospitals and health care organizations, and their ethical and legal challenges
Wireless Computing in Medicine: From Nano to Cloud with Its Ethical and Legal Implications is written as a reference for computer engineers working in wireless computing, as well as medical and legal professionals. The book will also serve students in the fields of advanced computing, nanomedicine, health informatics, and technology law.

Keywords: Medical Informatics; Pervasive Computing; Nanomedicine; Wireless Computing; Cloud computing; Electronic heath records; Technology Law; Mobile Sensing; Implantable Devices; Wireless Body Area Networks; Ubiquitous Healthcare, Computer Engineering, Nanomedicine, Computer Engineering, Nanomedicine

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