Minoli, Daniel

Innovations in Satellite Communications and Satellite Technology: The Industry Implications of DVB-S2X, High Throughput Satellites, Ultra HD, M2M, and IP

Minoli, Daniel - Innovations in Satellite Communications and Satellite Technology: The Industry Implications of DVB-S2X, High Throughput Satellites, Ultra HD, M2M, and IP, ebook


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Surveys key advances in commercial satellite communications and what might be the implications and/or opportunities for end-users and service providers in utilizing the latest fast-evolving innovations in this field

This book explores the evolving technical options and opportunities of satellite networks. Designed to be a self-contained reference, the book includes background technical material in an introductory chapter that will serve as a primer to satellite communications. The textdiscusses advances in modulation techniques, such as DBV-S2 extensions (DVS-S2X); spotbeam-based geosynchronous and medium earth orbit High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technologies and Internet applications; enhanced mobility services with aeronautical and maritime applications; Machine to Machine (M2M) satellite applications; emerging ultra HD technologies; and electric propulsion.The author surveys the latest innovations and service strategies and the resulting implications, which involves:

  • Discussing advances in modulation techniques and HTS spotbeam technologies
  • Surveying emerging high speed aeronautical mobility services and maritime and other terrestrial mobility services
  • Assessing M2M (machine-to-machine) applications, emerging Ultra HD video technologies and new space technology

Satellite communication is an integral part of the larger fields of commercial, television/media, government, and military communications, because of its multicast/broadcast capabilities, mobility, reliability, and global reach. High Throughput Satellites) are expected to revolutionize the field during this decade, providing very high speed, yet cost-effective, Internet access and connectivity anywhere in the world, in rural areas, in the air, and at sea. M2M connectivity, enabled by satellite communications, connects trucks on transcontinental trips, aircraft in real-time-telemetry aggregation, and mercantile ships.

A comprehensive analysis of the new advances in satellite communications,Innovations in Satellite Communications Technologyis a reference for telecommunications and satellite providers and end-users, technology investors, logistic professionals, and more.

Keywords: Satellite Orbits; Satellite Transmission Bands; Satellite Signal Regeneration; Satellite Communication Transmission Chain; Fiber Optic Technology; DVB-S2; HTS; High Throughput Satellites;Ka/Ku Spotbeam Technologies;Aeronautical Mobility Services;Maritime Communication; M2M; H.265; Electric Propulsion; Ion Engines; Hall Effect Thrusters; MagnetoPlasma Dynamic Thruster; SpaceX; Space Exploration Technologies Corporation; Carrier ID; Satellite Antenna; Beamforming and ground-based beam forming; GBBF; UltraHD, Mobile & Wireless Communications, Mobile & Wireless Communications

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