Milne, Derek L.

A Manual for Evidence-Based CBT Supervision

Milne, Derek L. - A Manual for Evidence-Based CBT Supervision, ebook


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The effectiveness of CBT depends on the quality of supervision and training that is provided to its practitioners. This manual is intended to significantly strengthen the available resources for training CBT supervisors (primarily) working within clinical services in the mental health field. The manual and its associated content are structured in user-friendly modules, designed to support multiple potential training functions including the initial credentialing and certification of supervisors, providing training to individual supervisors in a continuing education/professional development format, assisting in a ‘train the trainer’ approach, and distance learning. The authors drew on the insights of many accredited CBT supervisors to develop the guidance, and the work is built firmly on an evidence-based approach.


CBT; training CBT supervisors; CBT credentials; CBT certification; CBT supervisors; evidence-based approach; Cognitive Therapy; Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy; Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy; Behaviour Therapy; Behavior Therapy; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Behavioural Psychotherapy; Behavioral Psychotherapy; Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy; REBT; Rational Emotive Therapy; RET; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; ACT; Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; MBCT; Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; MBSR; Behavioural Activation Therapy; BAT; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; DBT; Relational Frame Theory; RFT; Exposure Therapy; Exposure with Response Prevention; ERP; Cognitive Restructuring; Eye Movement Desensitisation/Reprocessing; EMDR; Compassionate Mind Training; CMT; Compassion Focussed Therapy; CFT; Anxiety Management Training; AMT; Imaginal Exposure Therapy; Activity Scheduling; Graded Exercise; Sleep Hygiene Training; A-B-C Model; Arbitrary Inferences; Automatic thoughts; Cognitive Errors; Cognitive Homework; Cognitive restructuring; Cognitive Therapy; Collaborative Empiricism; Coping Skills Program; Disputational Methods; Distortion of Reality; Internal Dialogue/Inner Speech; Irrational Belief; Label and Mislabeling; Musturbation; Overgeneralization; Personalization; Polarized thinking; Rationality; Role Playing; Selective Abstraction; Self-Instructional Therapy; Shame- Attacking Exercises; Stress-Inoculation Training

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