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The easy way to effectively implement iPads in the classroom

The iPad is a natural fit for education in the 21st century, and this hands-on guide shows you just how to implement it in your educational institution. iPad in Education For Dummies serves as a roadmap for the device's successful use as an education tool—from both a personal and institutional perspective. It examines why the iPad is a perfect fit for contemporary educational needs, how to purchase and deploy them within an organization, and outlines best practices, tools, and apps for their educational use across all curricula and grade levels.

A cross between a powerful computer, iPod, game console, and e-reader, the iPad is an ultraportable—and ultra cool—touch device from Apple. In 2013, the iPad was deployed in Chicago Public Schools, LA Unified School district, Oxnard School District in California, and Raleigh County Public Schools in West Virginia, to name a few. In this new edition of iPad in Education For Dummies, you'll find the latest coverage of interactive media and augmented reality apps, creating and publishing class books and textbooks, moving from lectures to interactive classroom presentations, setting up digital student profiles, and much more.

  • Includes up-to-date coverage of Apple's iPad hardware and iOS software
  • Covers managing classroom workflow challenges, including how to distribute, share, collaborate, and collect digital documents
  • Written by one of the foremost authorities on iPad deployments in schools
  • Provides clear information on what decisions you need to make to deploy and use the iPad effectively in the classroom

If you're a school administrator, teacher, or educational IT specialist who is considering deploying the iPad in the classroom, this handy guide has everything to set you up for success.

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