Rippe, James M.

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies

Rippe, James M. - Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies, ebook


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The safe and trusted way to prevent and reverse heartdisease

Written in plain English and packed with tons of authoritativeadvice, Preventing & Reversing Heart Disease For Dummiesincludes the most up-to-date information on coronary heart diseaseand its treatment. This resource covers new ways to diagnose andtreat both short- and long-term complications of heart disease, thelatest medications, updated diet and exercise plans, the lowdown onrecognizing the risk factors and warning signs of a heart attack,determining if you have heart disease, distinguishing betweenangina, heart attack, and stroke, and much more.

It is projected that by the year 2020, heart disease will be theleading cause of death throughout the world. As the magnitude ofcardiovascular diseases continue to accelerate globally, thepressing need for increased awareness and a stronger, more focusednational and international response has become more important thanever. Preventing & Reversing Heart Disease For Dummiestackles this vital subject with compassion and authority, outliningthe steps you can take to help ensure you don't become just anotherstatistic.

  • Helps you find the right doctor and handle a managed careplan
  • Covers all thirteen types of heart disease and discusses thekey differences that may determine their progression andtreatment
  • Illustrates how simple changes in diet may be enough to preventheart disease
  • Shows how you can reverse some of the effects of heart diseasethrough exercise

If you're suffering from or are at risk of heartdisease—or love someone who is—Preventing &Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies empowers you to takecontrol of heart health and get on a path to a longer, healthierlife.

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