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Lead Like Reagan: Strategies to Motivate, Communicate, and Inspire

Quiggle, Dan - Lead Like Reagan: Strategies to Motivate, Communicate, and Inspire, ebook


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A first-hand account of Ronald Reagan's leadership style, with personal insight and practical application.

Lead Like Reagan is a guide to more effective leadership, inspired by the Great Communicator himself. Drawing upon his time serving Ronald Reagan, author Dan Quiggle relates lessons learned first-hand from his front row seat to history. Using Reagan and other prominent business leaders as examples, Quiggle illustrates what leadership looks like at the highest levels, why such leadership is effective, and how it can be successfully emulated. Readers will learn strategies to motivate, communicate, and inspire, forming a unique leadership template with personal application.

Sitting at the feet of greatness and personally observing what Ronald Reagan did and said, made an indelible mark on Dan's own personal leadership style, shaping his thoughts about the key traits and actions of great leaders. In Lead Like Reagan, readers gain insight into both the personal attributes and leadership traits which are required to lead with vision, excellence, and impact. Practical advice and inspiring vision provide a template to:

  • Assemble the right people to form a successful team
  • Earn loyalty and commitment from others
  • Lead by example to model excellence
  • Manage crises by finding the opportunity in the midst of challenge
  • Leave a lasting legacy of optimism and inspiration

Leadership is a process of continual growth and Ronald Reagan provides an inspiring example. Lead Like Reagan is a meaningful and memorable guide to leadership, forging a framework for inspiring greatness and achieving success.

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