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AC Circuits and Power Systems in Practice

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The essential guide that combines power system fundamentals with the practical aspects of equipment design and operation in modern power systems

Written by an experienced power engineer, AC Circuits and Power Systems in Practice offers a comprehensive guide that reviews power system fundamentals and network theorems while exploring the practical aspects of equipment design and application. The author covers a wide-range of topics including basic circuit theorems, phasor diagrams, per-unit quantities and symmetrical component theory, as well as active and reactive power and their effects on network stability, voltage support and voltage collapse. Magnetic circuits, reactor and transformer design are analyzed, as is the operation of step voltage regulators. In addition, detailed introductions are provided to earthing systems in LV and MV networks, the adverse effects of harmonics on power equipment and power system protection. Finally, European and American engineering standards are presented where appropriate throughout the text, to familiarize the reader with their use and application.

This book is written as a practical power engineering text for engineering students and recent graduates. It contains more than 400 illustrations and is designed to provide the reader with a broad introduction to the subject and to facilitate further study. Many of the examples included come from industry and are not normally covered in undergraduate syllabi. They are provided to assist in bridging the gap between tertiary study and industrial practice, and to assist the professional development of recent graduates. The material presented is easy to follow and includes both mathematical and visual representations using phasor diagrams. Problems included at the end of most chapters are designed to walk the reader through practical applications of the associated theory.


Guide to AC Circuits and Power Systems; High, Medium and Low Voltage Transmission and Distribution Networks; Synchronous and Asynchronous Generation; Network Planning; Network Theorems; Phasor Diagrams and Phasor Analysis; Capacitive Voltage Support; Series and Parallel Resonance; Active and Reactive Power; Power Factor; Energy Retailing; Magnetic Circuits and Materials; Inductor Design; Transformer Theory and Operation; The Per-Unit System; Symmetrical Component Theory; Network Faults; Power Flows in AC Networks; X/R Ratios: Voltage Stability and Voltage Collapse; Three Phase Transformers; Transformer Core Architectures; Vector Groups; Magnetising Current Effects; Tap-changer Operation; Step Voltage Regulators; Phase Shift Transformers; Voltage Transformers (VTs); Magnitude and Phase Errors; Protection Class VTs; Current Transformers (CTs); Metering Class CTs; Protection CT Applications; Energy Metering; Two and Three Wire Metering Circuits; Blondel Compliant Metering; Effects of Current on the Human Body; Residual Current Devices; TT, TN and IT Earthing Systems; Resonant and Impedance Earthing; Power System Protection; Over-current, Differential, Bus Zone and Distance Protection Systems; Harmonics in Power Systems; Fourier Analysis; Harmonic Measurement; Harmonic Loss in Transformers; Harmonic Standards and the Assessment of Distorting Loads; Device Numbers; The One Line Diagram; Common Bus-bar Configurations; Switching Plans, Isolation and Permit to Work Procedures; Electrical Safety; Limits of Approach; Arc Flash and Electric Shock Injury; Graeme Vertigan

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