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The simplest way to get to grips with the American political system

American Politics For Dummies is an engaging and accessible guide to the inner workings of the U.S. government, cutting through the political jargon, to give you the facts. The book begins with the basics, including government structure and processes, and later covers current events that make the news.

The world of American politics can be bewildering to anyone not born and bred in the U.S.A. This plain-English guide is perfect whether you are a student or simply fascinated by the world's most powerful democracy. From the electoral process to 'special relationships', you discover all you need to know with American Politics For Dummies.

• The birth of America – find out about the emergence of the US,from the ideas upon which America was founded to the creation

of the US Constitution

• Go government – understand the powers of the President, how Congress operates, the function of the Supreme Court and how

US laws are created and passed

• Party on – discover the ins and outs of elections and political parties, from the electoral process and the two-party system to the voting behaviour amongst Americans

• One nation, many identities – get to understand the workings of a truly multicultural society

• All the world’s a stage – grasp the grand strategy of the US to understand why the nation acts as it does in international politics

2014 kicks off the latest round of U.S. Congressional election and marks the beginning the 2016 Presidential election cycle. There will be headlines, there will be debate and there will be news. If you're looking to keep up and understand it all, American Politics For Dummies is a great place to start.

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