Marston, Richard C.

Investing for a Lifetime: Managing Wealth for the "New Normal"

Marston, Richard C. - Investing for a Lifetime: Managing Wealth for the "New Normal", ebook


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A comprehensive guide to lifelong financial planning best practices

Investing for a Lifetime +Website: An Interactive Education in Managing Wealth for the "New Normal" is the comprehensive guide to planning for lifelong financial security. Written by a Wharton Professor for the Private Wealth Management Program, the book provides professionals with the facts they need to serve their clients' best interests. Taking into account the most common concerns clients express, the book details retirement preparation from the perspectives of saving and investing, investment choices, and wealth management. The companion website underscores the concepts presented in the text with lectures, casework, short papers, and more, providing examples and clarification of the methods discussed. The book offers guidance on the "best practices" every financial advisor needs to know when planning for their clients' futures.

One of the smartest things an individual can do is realize just how unstable the world truly is. Globalization induced billions to enter the market with very low interest rates in the 1980s, and countries either promised too much or consumed too much. The result is today's market instability, and the millions of people nearing retirement age with not nearly enough assets. Investing for a Lifetime provides the education that allows advisors to feel confident in their clients' security. Topics include:

  • Why retirement requires saving, not just investing savings
  • Stretching resources by starting Social Security at the right time
  • Tracking investment performance with benchmarks for each class
  • Setting savings goals for singles and high-earning couples

The biggest questions about saving for retirement are "how" and "how much." The book provides concrete guidelines to answering both of those questions, as well as planning for retirement spending on an individual basis. Financial professionals want to shape a comfortable future for those who have entrusted it to them, and Investing for a Lifetime provides the facts, techniques, and methods that can make the difference.

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