Ahmad, Parvaiz

Legumes under Environmental Stress: Yield, Improvement and Adaptations

Ahmad, Parvaiz - Legumes under Environmental Stress: Yield, Improvement and Adaptations, ebook


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Leguminous crops have been found to contribute almost 27% of the world’s primary crop production. However, due to environmental fluctuations, legumes are often exposed to different environmental stresses, leading to problems with growth and development, and ultimately, decreased yield.

This timely review explains the transcriptomics, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, transgenomics, functional genomics and phenomics of a wide range of different leguminous crops under biotic and abiotic stresses, and their genetic and molecular responses. Amongst others the text describes the effect of nutrient deficiency, pesticides, salt, and temperature stress on legumes.

Importantly, the book explores the physiobiochemical, molecular and omic approaches that are used to overcome biotic and abiotic constraints in legumes. It looks at the exogenous application of phytoprotectants; the role of nutrients in the alleviation of abiotic stress; and the microbial strategy for the improvement of legume production under hostile environments.

Key features:

  • demonstrates how to mitigate the negative effect of stress on leguminous crops, and how to improve the yield under stress
  • the most up-to-date research in the field

written by an international team of active researchers and practitioners across academia, industry and non-profit organisations.

This volume is a valuable and much-needed resource for scientists, professionals and researchers working in plant science, breeding, food security, crop improvement and agriculture worldwide. In universities it will educate postgraduate and graduate students in plant science and agriculture; it will also benefit those in scientific institutions and in biotech and agribusiness companies, who deal with agronomy and environment.

Keywords: Legumes; Abiotic stress; Biotic stress; Omics; Phytoprotectants; Phytohormones; Antioxidants; Biotechnology; Symbiotic association; Gene pyramiding, Plant Science, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Science, Plant Biotechnology

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