Hannon, Kerry

Love Your Job: The New Rules of Career Happiness

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Step-by-step tips for revitalizing your career

Yes, it is possible to have a job you love, and itdoesn't require starting from scratch. Love Your Job is aguide to making work fulfilling and fun — again, or even forthe first time. Why count down the hours of the day or the days toretirement when you could reinvigorate your workday, transformingthe daily doldrums into a daily dose of enjoyable activity? KerryHannon, The New York Times columnist and AARP's Jobs Expert,focuses on the little things that can make a big difference in howwe feel about work.

Love Your Job is all about the routines, habits, andthought patterns that, over the years, may have turned a dream jobinto a drudge or, worse, a nightmare. Changing these habits andattitudes is simple, and this book shows you how to identify thelittle things that make work enjoyable and engaging. Using thesesimple techniques, you can adopt the attitude that will keep youhappy and that might just lead to bigger and better things, nomatter what stage of your career you are in. In this book, you willlearn to:

  • Develop new habits that bring more purpose into every singleworkday
  • Rekindle your hope and motivation by celebrating smallsuccesses
  • Recognize negative patterns that keep you from enjoying yourjob
  • Craft an entrepreneurial attitude that will get you noticed andenrich your work life

We all deserve to experience happiness and satisfaction everyday, at every stage of our careers. Kerry Hannon explains that youdon't have to make a huge career transition to love work again. Butif you reinvent the way you see work, who knows where your newoutlook will lead? Wake up to the countless possibilities thatawait you with Love Your Job.

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