Carrivick, Jonathan L.

Structure from Motion in the Geosciences

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Structure from Motion with Multi View Stereo provides hyperscale landform models using images acquired from standard compact cameras and a network of ground control points. The technique is not limited in temporal frequency and can provide point cloud data comparable in density and accuracy to those generated by terrestrial and airborne laser scanning at a fraction of the cost. It therefore offers exciting opportunities to characterise surface topography in unprecedented detail and, with multi-temporal data, to detect elevation, position and volumetric changes that are symptomatic of earth surface processes. This book firstly places Structure from Motion in the context of other digital surveying methods and details the Structure from Motion workflow including available software packages and assessments of uncertainty and accuracy. It then critically reviews current usage of Structure from Motion in the geosciences, provides a synthesis of recent validation studies and looks to the future by highlighting opportunities arising from developments in allied disciplines. This book will appeal to academics, students and industry professionals because it balances technical knowledge of the Structure from Motion workflow with practical guidelines for image acquisition, image processing and data quality assessment and includes case studies that have been contributed by experts from around the world.

Keywords: models; stereo; structure; hyperscale; images; landform; view; motion; compact; provides; standard; multi; cameras; density; frequency; comparable; point; temporal; data; technique; surface; characterise; opportunities; topography; unprecedented, Environmental Geoscience, Geomorphology, Environmental Geoscience, Geomorphology

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Analytical Methods in Earth and Environmental Science
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