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Mindful Eating For Dummies

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Ditch the fad diets and discover how to eat mindfully

Packed with tips to help you make lasting dietary changes, Mindful Eating For Dummies paves the way for redefining your relationship with food, challenging your attitude about eating and making attainable changes to integrate mindful eating into everyday life. This no-nonsense, friendly guide offers essential guidance to get healthy, lose weight and avoid negative thought patterns associated with food—the mindful way.

Mindfulness allows you to pay attention to what is going on in your surroundings in order to keep yourself alert and able to react effectively in the present. When applied to eating habits, the practice of mindfulness helps you to pay close attention to the sensation and purpose of each mouthful of food to avoid overeating and fully discover the joys of your meals.

  • Learn how to reduce overeating and change your approach to food forever
  • Begin to choose healthy foods mindfully
  • Find advice on eating mindfully when you're dining out
  • Discover how mindful eating can combat emotional hunger

Whether you want to develop a healthier relationship with food to lose weight, manage a diet- or lifestyle-related illness or simply experience a better awareness and connection at mealtime, Mindful Eating For Dummies is your go-to guide for getting it done.

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