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Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation

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This unique book presents simple, easy-to-use, but effective short codes as well as virtual tools that can be used by electrical, electronic, communication, and computer engineers in a broad range of electrical engineering problems

Electromagnetic modeling is essential to the design and modeling of antenna, radar, satellite, medical imaging, and other applications. In this book, author Levent Sevgi explains techniques for solving real-time complex physical problems using MATLAB-based short scripts and comprehensive virtual tools.

Unique in coverage and tutorial approach, Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation covers fundamental analytical and numerical models that are widely used in teaching, research, and engineering designs—including mode and ray summation approaches with the canonical 2D nonpenetrable parallel plate waveguide as well as FDTD, MoM, and SSPE scripts. The book also establishes an intelligent balance among the essentials of EM MODSIM: The Problem (the physics), The Theory and Models (mathematical background and analytical solutions), and The Simulations (code developing plus validation, verification, and calibration).

Classroom tested in graduate-level and short courses, Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation:

  • Clarifies concepts through numerous worked problems and quizzes provided throughout the book
  • Features valuable MATLAB-based, user-friendly, effective engineering and research virtual design tools
  • Includes sample scenarios and video clips recorded during characteristic simulations that visually impact learning—available on wiley.com
  • Provides readers with their first steps in EM MODSIM as well as tools for medium and high-level code developers and users

Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation thoroughly covers the physics, mathematical background, analytical solutions, and code development of electromagnetic modeling, making it an ideal resource for electrical engineers and researchers.

Keywords: vv em virtual tools; virtual tools; guided waves; fast fourier transform; aliasing; spectral leakage; scalloping loss; discretization requirement; fourier series; rectangular pulse; harmonics; radar signals; rom number; rom number generation; noise generation; signal generation; stochastic modeling; electromagnetics; clutter generation; total radar signal; high frequency asymptotic scattering; 2d wedge diffraction; plane wave illumination; hfa models; physical optics; physical diffraction; ptd; utd; uniform diffraction; parabolic equation; pe; hfa models; line source excitation; diffraction scripts; wedge gui package; analytical models; fdtd; fdtd model; dey-mittra; wedge fdtd package; Sevgi; Levent Sevgi; electromagnetic modeling and simulation; electromagnetics; radar; antennas; signal processing; EM modeling of antennas and RF components for wireless communication systems; electromagnetic models; ieee; ieee book; ieee series, Antennas & Propagation, Numerical Methods & Algorithms, Antennas & Propagation, Numerical Methods & Algorithms

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IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory
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