Baudin, Pierre

Wireless Transceiver Architecture: Bridging RF and Digital Communications

Baudin, Pierre - Wireless Transceiver Architecture: Bridging RF and Digital Communications, ebook


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A fully comprehensive reference combining digital communications and RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits) in one complete volume

There are many books which focus on the physical implementation of the RF/analog part of transceivers, such as the CMOS design, or the signal processing involved in digital communications. However, there is
little material dedicated to transceiver architecture and system design. Similarly, much of the existing literature looks at concepts useful for dimensioning, yet offers little practical information on how to proceed for dimensioning a line-up from scratch, and on the reasons for proceeding that way. This book redresses the balance by explaining the architecture of transceivers and their dimensioning from the perspective of a RFIC architect from within industry. It bridges the gap between digital communication systems and radiofrequency integrated circuit design, covering wireless transceiver architecture and system design from both system level and circuit designer aspects.

• Covers digital communication theory, electromagnetism theory and wireless networks organization, from theories to implementation, for deriving the minimum set of constraints to be fulfilled by transceivers

• Details the limitations in the physical implementation of transceivers to be considered for their dimensioning, in terms of noise, nonlinearity, and RF impairments

• Presents transceiver architecture and system design in terms of transceivers budgets, transceivers architectures, and algorithms for transceivers

Keywords: frequency integrated; rfic; reference; circuits; radio; comprehensive; communications; many; volume; fully; part; transceivers; design; cmos; processing; islittle material; transceiver architecture; existing; literature, Signal Processing, RF / Microwave Theory & Techniques, Signal Processing, RF / Microwave Theory & Techniques

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