Hopkins, Bruce R.

The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations 2016 Supplement

Hopkins, Bruce R. - The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations 2016 Supplement, ebook


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Get up to date on 2016 healthcare law and newly relevant issues

The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations 2016 Supplement provides complete and comprehensive practitioner updates and analysis in a single volume. Tackling complex legal issues with plain-English explanations and the appropriate citations, this guide is a must-have resource for organizations and their advisors. This new supplement to the Fourth Edition has been fully updated with the latest IRS guidance and requirements, and expanded with additional coverage of relevant topics. The new discussion includes healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act, the fiduciary duty of directors on the governing body of nonprofit organizations, executive compensation, activities of tax-exempt organizations that appear more commercial than charitable, political campaign activity, charitable reforms, restrictions on supporting organizations, intermediate sanctions, and much more. The companion website provides extensive appendices for further reference, as well as helpful downloadable tables that facilitate a more efficient approach to practice.

Healthcare law is a complex field, and keeping up with the frequent changes to federal law is itself a full time job. This book eliminates the need for extended research time by collecting all of the newest and relevant guidelines into one place.

  • Get up to date on the latest IRS forms, guidance, and procedures
  • Interpret complex legal issues correctly and appropriately
  • Reference relevant federal guidelines quickly and easily
  • Access extensive appendices and tables to streamline application

As the field evolves and new issues arise, practitioners need a working knowledge of the legal implications behind organizational activities, structure, practices, and more. This most recent annual supplement to The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations is a must-have resource for anyone in the field.

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