Piper, Charles E.

Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook: Operation War Stories

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Get federal investigative insight and guidance on conducting thorough investigations and case-building

The ability to conduct thorough and effective investigations is a skill that has become increasingly in-demand across many industries. At the same time, investigative resources are dwindling as markets recede. Regulation and financial hurdles impede traditional investigation processes. Even seasoned professionals are finding themselves overtasked or lacking the experience to pursue the types of cases that are accumulating.

In Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook: Operation War Stories, author Charles E. Piper, CFE provides insight and guidance on how to conduct thorough and complete investigations while juggling a caseload. Piper served over 30 years in law enforcement-including 20 as an award-winning Federal Special Agent-Criminal Investigator. His wide array of experience allows him to lend a high-level perspective to the art and science of professional investigations of criminal, civil, and administrative cases. In the book, Piper provides guidance on conducting thorough and complete investigations (even with fewer resources) and spotting red flags that often indicate big-picture problems. Piper also shows how to:

  • Identify the suspect's other wrongful acts (similar and otherwise)
  • Identify similar wrongful acts committed by others, and predict future occurrences
  • Identify systemic weaknesses, waste, and abuse
  • Identify changes and corrections necessary to prevent future occurrences

The book includes Piper's real-life investigative examples to illustrate important concepts. Whether the matter is public, private, or military, the same basic investigative principles apply. Things that may seem totally unrelated may hold the keys that crack the cases. The Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook: Operation War Stories provides the acumen and judgment required to pick up on these clues and successfully conclude investigations.

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