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Introducing Autodesk Maya 2015: Autodesk Official Press

Derakhshani, Dariush - Introducing Autodesk Maya 2015: Autodesk Official Press, ebook

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Learn Autodesk Maya from an award-winning insider  

Best-selling author, visual effects supervisor, and technical educator Dariush Derakhshani brings you a newly-updated, step-by-step guide to the most popular and complex 3D application on the market, Autodesk Maya. Introducing Autodesk Maya 2015 includes straightforward lessons, real-world examples, detailed tutorials, and downloadable project files that get you modeling and animating your own digital models and scenes right away.

The book starts you with the latest CG concepts and production workflows, and then shows you how to create a solar system to help get you acquainted with the basic tool set in Maya. From there, the books helps you:   

  • Learn the Maya user interface, including menus and plug-ins 
  • Build simple animations and 3D images right away 
  • Explore polygons, modeling, and NEX tools 
  • Get started with HDRI lighting, rendering, dynamics, simulations, and effects   
Whether you're new to 3D or migrating from another 3D application, Introducing Autodesk Maya 2015 will kick-start your creativity and get you up and running with Maya.  Author Derakhshani has worked on movies such as The Fantastic Four and Pan's Labyrinth, the South Park TV series, and numerous commercials and music videos. 

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