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Impact Investment: A Practical Guide to Investment Process and Social Impact Analysis

Allman, Keith - Impact Investment: A Practical Guide to Investment Process and Social Impact Analysis, ebook


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Apply a rigorous investment process and integrate social impactanalyses to successfully select and invest in social impactinvestments

Impact Investment: A Practical Guide to Investment Processand Social Impact Analysis is a must-read guide for investorsand wealth managers entering the social finance investment spaceknown as "impact investing." This book walks readers through thedemanding task of properly executing an impact investment strategy,providing solutions to some of the most vexing challenges thatarise when investing for both financial return and social impact.Readers will learn how impact investing is different from otherstrategies, how the organization's mission affects investmentdecisions and structures, and what to look for in an organizationprior to investing. A running example of a village distributioncompany illustrates the methods and concepts in action, and afull-fledged case study utilizing downloadable professional levelanalytical tools consolidates all examples into a real-worldsetting.

Impact investing is generating significant momentum, but manyindividuals operating in this space come from alternativebackgrounds and lack the knowledge to form a rigorous investmentprocess. Disparate funding sources, immature markets, variations infund economics, and the need to generate and report social impactall complicate the industry even further, creating a barrier forcurious investors. This book is a guide to applying standardinvestment processes and social impact analyses to impactinvesting, helping readers:

  • Adjust standard analysis techniques to suit the particularitiesof impact investing
  • Discover how social mission influences the entire investmentfrom entry to exit
  • Plan and execute a robust custom impact investmentstrategy
  • Understand social impact entities and the management of impactinvestments

Investing with the goal of social impact doesn't remove the needfor rigorous investment techniques and diligent processes.Impact Investment: A Practical Guide to Investment Process anSocial Impact Analysis is a guide to putting it all together,for a more targeted approach to impact investing.

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