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X-Ray Absorption and X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy: Theory and Applications

Bokhoven, Jeroen van - X-Ray Absorption and X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy: Theory and Applications, ebook


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During the last two decades, remarkable and often spectacular progress has been made in the methodological and instrumental aspects of x–ray absorption and emission spectroscopy. This progress includes considerable technological improvements in the design and production of detectors especially with the development and expansion of large-scale synchrotron reactors All this has resulted in improved analytical performance and new applications, as well as in the perspective of a dramatic enhancement in the potential of x–ray based analysis techniques for the near future. This comprehensive two-volume treatise features articles that explain the phenomena and describe examples of X–ray absorption and emission applications in several fields, including chemistry, biochemistry, catalysis, amorphous and liquid systems, synchrotron radiation, and surface phenomena. Contributors explain the underlying theory, how to set up X–ray absorption experiments, and how to analyze the details of the resulting spectra.

X-Ray Absorption and X-ray Emission Spectroscopy: Theory and Applications:

  • Combines the theory, instrumentation and applications of x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies which offer unique diagnostics to study almost any object in the Universe.
  • Is the go-to reference book in the subject for all researchers across multi-disciplines since intense beams from modern sources have revolutionized x-ray science in recent years
  • Is relevant to students, postdocurates and researchers working on x-rays and related synchrotron sources and applications in materials, physics, medicine, environment/geology, and biomedical materials


  1. XAS, X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  2. XES, X-ray emission spectroscopy
  3. Time resolved experiments
  4. Space resolved experiments
  5. Structure determination
  6. Synchrotron radiation and free electron laser
  7. Electronic structure
  8. Solid state physics
  9. Coordination chemistry and catalysis
  10. Environmental science
  11. XAS, X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  12. XES, X-ray emission spectroscopy
  13. Time resolved experiments
  14. Space resolved experiments
  15. Structure determination
  16. Synchrotron radiation
  17. Free electron lasers
  18. Electronic structure
  19. Solid state physics
  20. Coordination chemistry
  21. Catalysis
  22. Environmental science
  23. Pump and Probe experiments
  24. Semiconductors
  25. Nanomaterials
  26. Electrochemistry
  27. Nuclear Materials
  28. Coordination Chemistry
  29. Amorphous materials
  30. Structure of Liquids
  31. Surface Phenomena
, Analytical Chemistry
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