Bielefeld, Wolfgang

Social Entrepreneurship: An Evidence-Based Approach to Creating Social Value

Bielefeld, Wolfgang - Social Entrepreneurship: An Evidence-Based Approach to Creating Social Value, ebook


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Social entrepreneurship explained

Social entrepreneurship is a hot topic in public and non-profit management. Organizations everywhere are looking for innovative ways to respond to financial, social, and regulatory pressures. The next generation of transformative leaders will be risk takers who know how to face even the biggest challenges using market-driven strategies that get results. This book contains everything students and professionals need to know about the cutting-edge practice of social entrepreneurship.

In Social Entrepreneurship, you'll learn how to read markets and environments to identify opportunities for entrepreneurial activity. Then, the authors show to convert opportunities into successful ventures: one-time initiatives, ongoing programs and new, mission-driven organizations are all covered. Sector-specific strategies and recommendations guide readers directly to the techniques that will have the biggest impact.

  • Employs an evidence-based approach to help organizations achieve goals more efficiently
  • Offers advice on taking advantage of new technologies and untapped resources using the most current approaches
  • Written by renowned experts in the field of social entrepreneurship

Authors Guo and Bielefeld have been instrumental in advancing the study of social entrepreneurship, and they understand the trends and currents in the field. They bring readers up to date and ready them to begin implementing changes that really make a difference. In non-profits and government, leadership is already becoming synonymous with social entrepreneurship, and this book is its foundation.

Keywords: Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership, Chao Guo, social entrepreneurship, public sector social entrepreneurship, nonprofit social entrepreneurship, managing social entrepreneurship, tools for social entrepreneurship, framework for social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurial opportunities, trends in social entrepreneurship

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