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Professional Java EE Design Patterns

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Master Java EE design pattern implementation to improve yourdesign skills and your application’s architecture

Professional Java EE Design Patterns is the perfectcompanion for anyone who wants to work more effectively with JavaEE, and the only resource that covers both the theory andapplication of design patterns in solving real-world problems. Theauthors guide readers through both the fundamental and advancedfeatures of Java EE 7, presenting patterns throughout, anddemonstrating how they are used in day-to-day problem solving.

As the most popular programming language in community-drivenenterprise software, Java EE provides an API and runtimeenvironment that is a superset of Java SE. Written for the juniorand experienced Java EE developer seeking to improve design qualityand effectiveness, the book covers areas including:

  • Implementation and problem-solving with design patterns
  • Connection between existing Java SE design patterns and newJava EE concepts
  • Harnessing the power of Java EE in design patterns
  • Individually-based focus that fully explores each pattern
  • Colorful war-stories showing how patterns were used in thefield to solve real-life problems

Unlike most Java EE books that simply offer descriptions orrecipes, this book drives home the implementation of the pattern toreal problems to ensure that the reader learns how the patternsshould be used and to be aware of their pitfalls.

For the programmer looking for a comprehensive guide that isactually useful in the everyday workflow, Professional Java EEDesign Patterns is the definitive resource on the market.

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