Woodward, Bill

Cabling Part 2: Fiber-Optic Cabling and Components

Woodward, Bill - Cabling Part 2: Fiber-Optic Cabling and Components, ebook

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A special e-book edition for network admins and technicians dealing with fiber optics

Cabling is crucial to network performance, and incorrect use of cables can result in outages and constant troubleshooting. Specific standards and processes must be employed when working with fiber optics. This convenient e-book comprises Part 2 of the popular and fully updated Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring, 5th Edition, with extensive coverage of fiber optics for large-scale communications networks and telecommunications standards. You will learn principles and practices essential to successfully installing and maintaining a fiber-optic network.

  • Convenient e-book format is accessible on tablets and mobile devices
  • Examines the principles of fiber optic transmission, optical fiber characteristics and construction, and basic principles of light
  • Includes coverage of fiber optic cables, light sources, detectors, and receivers; passive optical networks, components, and multiplexers; and system design considerations
  • Explains splicing, connectors, safety considerations, link/cable testing, troubleshooting, and restoration
  • Covers the objectives for popular Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC), Certified Fiber Optics Installer (CFOI), and Fiber Optic Technician (FOT) exams

Cabling Part 2: Fiber-Optic Cabling and Components, 5th Edition has the information you need to master every aspect of setting up and managing a fiber-optic network.

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