Reinecke, Nicolas

Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World

Reinecke, Nicolas - Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World, ebook

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How to achieve procurement excellence today and evolve to be ready for tomorrow

Procurement entrepreneurship pays. High-performing procurement teams can deliver huge value to their companies—regardless of industry. The best companies are advancing talent-management strategies into the heart of their procurement organizations with huge success. In addition to an estimated $84 billion in yearly cost savings, companies who give procurement leaders prominence deliver superior returns from their operations as well as lower their costs of goods sold.

This book, written by a group of purchasing and supply management practice experts, shares the hard-earned insights of more than ten years of dedicated procurement research conducted with leading academic institutions and practical experience with marquee clients in the field of procurement. It is also a natural successor to the many articles McKinsey & Company has published on the topic. This reliable resource skillfully explains and codifies the best practices that leading companies have pioneered in procurement as well as frames how procurement must evolve to grapple with new global, social, and economic issues affecting business over the next decade.

  • Details the four key dimensions of procurement excellence
  • Showcases the five megatrends that will change the way business is done in the next decade
  • Provides strategies that business leaders can adopt in the face of these megatrends, together with practical advice about next steps and case examples

The road ahead will require you to redefine your vision for procurement and implement the required changes. Procurement 20/20 will show you how.

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