Hirsch, Jeffrey A.

Seasonal Sector Trades: 2014 Q2 Strategies

Hirsch, Jeffrey A. - Seasonal Sector Trades: 2014 Q2 Strategies, ebook

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Commodity Trader's Almanac is now Seasonal Sector Trades!

A precise seasonal investment strategy, backed by research and hard data

Seasonal Sector Trades: 2014 Q2 Strategies is a comprehensive strategy calendar detailing the trades to evaluate at key points in April, May, and June, based on historic tendencies and cycles. Concise and to the point, this report alerts readers to major trade opportunities by describing monthly price tendencies for each market, along with in-depth analysis of major trades and the underlying market conditions. The trading ideas are accompanied by data that allows for informed trading decisions, and precise dates are given for trades with the highest historic profitability percentages.

Virtually every market displays seasonal tendencies due to weather, harvest cycles, or even human behavior. None of these patterns are 100 percent accurate, but they do provide a framework for assessing opportunity and targeting potential trades. The culmination of years of painstaking research, Seasonal Sector Trades offers expert guidance backed by hard data. Readers will gain insight and actionable advice on the best trades of the season, covering stocks, bonds, currencies, energy, metals, grains, soft commodities, and meats. This report contains crucial information traders need to take advantage of seasonal trends, including features like:

  • Historical tendencies for all markets throughout the calendar year
  • Trades to monitor throughout each month
  • Precise entry and exits for trades with the best performance
  • Trading tips and strategies to maximize profits

A complete seasonal investment strategy can take years to research and compile. Markets must be monitored and analyzed, and their behavior must be correlated with outside factors. Along the way, opportunities are missed and money is lost. This report contains the results of all that work in an already-complete format. With high-level analysis and specialist insight, Seasonal Sector Trades is the industry's most authoritative guide to the seasonal tendencies of every major market.

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