Harding, Colin

Integrated Design and Construction - Single Responsibility: A Code of Practice

Harding, Colin - Integrated Design and Construction - Single Responsibility: A Code of Practice, ebook


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Manufacturing and service industries have significantly improved their levels of productivity, quality, and profitability over the past 30 years, whereas in the construction industry similar levels of improvement have been impossible to achieve. Numerous reports have identified fragmentation of the industry’s management structures and processes as the underlying cause of the waste and inefficiencies that keep costs high and margins low. Integrated Design and Construction is an integrated yet competitive form of procurement, design and project delivery based on the principle of purchasing any other high value warranted manufactured product. Such an approach would make the construction process more like other manufacturing industries, allowing contractors to make similar improvements to those already seen in other manufacturing industries. Designed for use by experienced construction professionals, familiar and proficient with traditional design and construction system best practice, this Code of Practice provides both client and constructor with the necessary information to adopt this approach to create well-designed and well-constructed products, fully meeting client needs.

Keywords: IDC Principles; IDC Process; IDC Constructor Structures; IDC Client; IDC Project Insurance Conditions; IDC Sale Agreement Model; IDC Information & Communication Technology; Construction Project Management; IDCC team design and construction; Construction productivity; Construction quality and construction profitability; Integrated design and construction; Construction procurement; Construction design and construction project delivery; Code of practice; Construction client need

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