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Fast Diets For Dummies

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Lose weight with the Fast Diets? Easy!

Over the last few decades, food fads have come and gone, but the standard medical advice on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle has stayed much the same: eat low-fat foods, exercise more, and never, ever skip meals. Yet, over that same period, levels of obesity worldwide have soared.  So is there a different, evidence-based approach?


Yes!  Fast Diets are the revolutionary part-time weight loss programs with lifelong health and anti-aging results. Fast Diets For Dummies is your hands-on, friendly guide to achieving weight loss, without having to endlessly deprive yourself. Inside, you’ll get the lowdown on easily incorporating one or all of these unique dietary programs into your busy life. You will get the lowdown on tackling the most popular fasting diets such as:  The Fast Diet (5-2 Diet), Intermittent Fasting, Micro-Fasting, and One Meal a Day (Warrior Diet). It will offers you information and tips on how to incorporate these unique and popular dietary programs into your busy daily life.  

  • How and why the benefits of these fasting diets go well beyond weight loss
  • Fast diets dos and don’ts
  • How to get started and everything you  need to know to help you along the way
  • Over fifty 500- and 600- calorie meals that are quick and easy to make

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