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Advanced Sensor and Detection Materials

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The development of sensors at macroscopic or nanometric scales in solid, liquid, or gas phases, contact or noncontact configurations, has driven the research of sensor & detection materials and technology into high gear. The emphasis on detection techniques requires the use of spin crossover organic, inorganic and composite materials and methods that could be unique for sensors fabrication.  The influence of length, composition and conformation structure of materials on their properties and the possibilities to adjust sensing properties by doping or adding the side-groups are the starting point of multifarious sensing. The role of inter-molecular interactions, polymer and ordered phases formation, as well as the behavior under pressure, magnetic and electric fields are also important facts for processing of ultra-sensing materials.

Advanced Sensor and Detection Materials highlights the key features that aid the design of new sensor and detection materials for a multitude of sensor and detection devices. The senior contributors write on the follow topics:

  • Construction of nanostructures
  • The role of the shape in the design of new nanoparticles
  • Advances in sensors’ nanotechnology
  • Molecularly imprinted polymer for enantioselective sensing devices
  • Ferrites for high frequency applications
  • Mesoporous Silica: Making “Sense” of Sensors
  • Porous TiO2-Au/Ag materials
  • Ferroelectronic glass-ceramics
  • NASICON: Synthesis, structure and electrical characterisation
  • Heavy clay products quality
  • Ionic liquids
  • Dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers
  • Theoretical investigation of superconducting state parameters
  • Microscopic polarization and thermal conductivity of binary Wurtzite nitrides
  • Experiments techniques and theoretical background to study materials
The book is written for readers from diverse backgrounds across chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, medical science, pharmacy, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering. It offers a comprehensive view of cutting-edge research on advanced materials for sensor and detection technology and applications.

Keywords: Nanomaterials

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