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Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery

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Explore the frontier of electronic discovery in the cloud

Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery comprehensively covers the quickly-evolving realm of eDiscovery in cloud computing environments, a computing and legal frontier in which the rules and legal precedents are being developed anew seemingly by the day. The book delves into this fascinating and rapidly-developing topic to prepare fraud investigators, legal professionals, forensic accountants, and executives understand the ramifications of storing data with third party providers and how such storage mechanisms relate to the limits of discovery practices.

This up-to-date resource also includes a complete discussion of the few existing legal precedents and current cases that are shaping interpretation of discovery laws in the cloud space, a perfect overview for executives storing their companies' data in the cloud and the legal professionals tasked with understanding and interpreting the discovery rules surrounding that data. The book is comprehensive in scope and includes:

  • An overview of current trends in cloud computing, including potential information that should be considered in an investigation that involves data held by a cloud service provider
  • Updates on current and proposed laws governing discovery of information held by a third party cloud service provider
  • Updates on legal cases that address the issues of the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, the Federal law prohibiting release of information by a third party provider
  • Practical guidance on how to consider the availability of cloud data relevant to an investigation, and how to include this data in discovery plans

For business, accounting, and legal professionals, Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery is an invaluable resource for understanding the nuanced development of cloud eDiscovery policies, practices, and law as they continue to unfold and develop.

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