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Marketing and Finance: Creating Shareholder Value

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The truest sign that an executive has reached, or is on a trajectory towards a senior position is when they start to look outside of their own functional silo and consider business issues that normally lie within the remit of other departments. Nowhere is this more true than at the marketing/finance interface. At this mission-critical boundary, senior marketers must understand the implications of their strategies not just for sales or profit, but on risk adjusted rate of return. Similarly, senior finance executive can no longer manage the numbers; they must make critical assessments of commercial goals and understand how alternative marketing strategies may create or destroy shareholder value.

The Marketing and Finance Solution is the first book of its kind to address this interface, not from a marketing or finance angle, but from a combined perspective that incorporates leading knowledge in both disciplines. Written by three leading academics with decades of experience working across this functional boundary in major multinationals, The Marketing and Finance Solution is a unique and essential addition to the library of senior marketing and finance professionals.

This updated, revised, 2nd edition of the critically acclaimed Marketing Due Diligence includes a re-written first chapter that compares effective and ineffective business plans to identify the fundamentals of commercially successful strategies. Filled with examples from both business-to-business as well as consumer markets from a wide range of sectors, this new edition includes a thorough update of those examples for the modern, post-financial crash world.

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