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Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business

Schmarzo, Bill - Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business, ebook


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Leverage big data to add value to your business

Social media analytics, web-tracking, and other technologies help companies acquire and handle massive amounts of data to better understand their customers, products, competition, and markets. Armed with the insights from big data, companies can improve customer experience and products, add value, and increase return on investment. The tricky part for busy IT professionals and executives is how to get this done, and that's where this practical book comes in. Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business is a complete how-to guide to leveraging big data to drive business value.

Full of practical techniques, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises, this book explores the technologies involved, as well as how to find areas of the organization that can take full advantage of big data.

  • Shows how to decompose current business strategies in order to link big data initiatives to the organization’s value creation processes
  • Explores different value creation processes and models
  • Explains issues surrounding operationalizing big data, including organizational structures, education challenges, and new big data-related roles
  • Provides methodology worksheets and exercises so readers can apply techniques
  • Includes real-world examples from a variety of organizations leveraging big data

Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business is written by one of Big Data's preeminent experts, William Schmarzo. Don't miss his invaluable insights and advice.

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