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Textbook of Human Disease in Dentistry

Greenwood, Mark - Textbook of Human Disease in Dentistry, ebook

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The Textbook of Human Disease in Dentistry is a comprehensive resource for all students of dentistry that provides uniquely integrated coverage of medicine, surgery, pharmacology, therapeutics, pathology and microbiology. It aims to provide its readers with the medical context of dentistry, to promote better understanding of how to provide effective dental treatment to patients affected by diseases and conditions.

The Textbook of Human Disease in Dentistry is structured around the systems of the body and includes chapters on immunological disease, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, dermatology, musculoskeletal disorders and neurological and special senses. A key aspect of the book is the relevance of particular diseases and/or their drug treatment to dentistry and in turn to patient dental management. Additional chapters are therefore provided on topics such as clinical examination and history taking, inflammation and anti-inflammatory drugs, infection control, pain and anxiety control, and care of the elderly.

Filled with useful features and written in a lucid and accessible style, this book will provide its readers with a sound and accessible grounding in human diseases and their drug treatment and how they relate to dental care.

  • Includes sections on all major diseases and conditions, describing aetiology, symptoms and treatment
  • Places dentistry in a medical context, providing guidance on examination and treatment protocols
  • Features information on drug treatment and planning dental care around it
  • Illustrated with helpful clinical photographs, showing diseases and conditions

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