Kumar, S.

Advances in Modeling and Design of Adhesively Bonded Systems

Kumar, S. - Advances in Modeling and Design of Adhesively Bonded Systems, ebook

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The book comprehensively charts a way for industry to employ adhesively bonded joints to make systems more efficient and cost-effective

Adhesively bonded systems have found applications in a wide spectrum of industries (e.g., aerospace, electronics, construction, ship building, biomedical, etc.) for a variety of purposes. Emerging adhesive materials with improved mechanical properties have allowed adhesion strength approaching that of the bonded materials themselves. Due to advances in adhesive materials and the many potential merits that adhesive bonding offers, adhesive bonding has replaced other joining methods in many applications.

Containing nine articles written by world-renowned experts, the book deals with the advances in theoretical and computational modeling as well as the design and experimental aspects of adhesively bonded structural systems. Stress analysis and strength prediction of adhesively bonded structural systems, considering a range of material models under a variety of loading conditions, are discussed. Finite element modeling using macro-elements is elaborated on. Recent developments in modeling and experimental aspects of bonded systems with graded adhesive layers and dual adhesives are described. Simulation of progressive damage in bonded joints is addressed. A novel vibration-based approach to detect disbonding and delamination in composite joints is also discussed.

The book is central to a range of engineers including mechanical, reliability, construction and surface engineers as well as materials scientists who are engaged in the mechanics of structural adhesive joints. Industries that will use this book include aerospace, electronics, biomedical, automotive, ship building, and construction.

Keywords: joints; book comprehensively; industry; way; employ; purposes; variety; adhesion; adhesive materials; approaching; properties; strength; bonded; themselves; mechanical; bonding; potential; due; merits; offers; methods; adhesive, Computational / Numerical Methods, Aeronautic & Aerospace Engineering, Computational / Numerical Methods, Aeronautic & Aerospace Engineering

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Adhesion and Adhesives: Fundamental and Applied Aspects
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