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Winning Words for Raising Money

Fredricks, Laura - Winning Words for Raising Money, ebook

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Many people hesitate to ask for money because they are searching for the perfect words to use.

From Laura Fredricks (the author of bestselling book The ASK) comes Winning Words for Raising Money, a new resource for anyone who is tasked with the nerve-wracking job of asking for money for themselves, their nonprofit or business. Winning Words focuses like a laser on the one crucial element that can make or break a carefully planned approach – finding the right words and saying them at the right time.

Winning Words will help you feel positive, charged up, enthusiastic, and empowered to find your individual asking words and know the right time to deliver them. As Fredricks explains, finding the right words takes concentration, presence, and focus because you have to take into consideration the words you are comfortable with as well as the words that will resonate with the person or people you are engaging. Rather than offering a cookie-cutter method, this piece is designed to help you tailor a persuasive approach that will get results. Winning Words is filled with more than 60 winning phrases from which to choose and 10 exercises that can help you define your individual style. Once you complete the exercises you will have your own hand-tailored asking play book that can be put into action immediately.

Winning Words’ five-step process includes everything you need to know in order to let the words and your own personality lead you to fundraising success. Sprinkled throughout are illustrative examples that clearly show how to put money in your hands if you follow and apply each of the five steps.

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