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Guitar Theory For Dummies

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Serious about jamming, understanding, and creating guitar-driven music? Easy.

With an approachable and engaging style, Guitar Theory For Dummies goes beyond guitar basics, presenting the guidance intermediate to advanced players need to improve their improvisational and compositional skills. Plus, with access to audio tracks and video instruction online you can master the concepts and techniques covered in the book.

Key content coverage includes: pentatonic and major scale patterns; the CAGED chord system, chord progressions, and playing by numbers; roots, keys, and applying scales, plus modes and modal scales; intervals and chord extensions; popular song references and theory applications that help you understand how to play popular music and contemporary guitar styles, and create music of your own.

  • This title also features companion audio tracks and video content hosted online at Dummies.com
  • The expert instruction and easy-to-digest information provides comprehensive guidance on how to apply music theory concepts to fretted instruments

If you already have a handle on the basics and want to know more about the building blocks and theory behind guitar music, Guitar Theory For Dummies has you covered.

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