Owens, Frank J.

Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures

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A comprehensive coverage of the physical properties and real-world applications of magnetic nanostructures

This book discusses how the important properties of materials such as the cohesive energy, and the electronic and vibrational structures are affected when materials have at least one length in the nanometer range. The author uses relatively simple models of the solid state to explain why these changes in the size and dimension in the nanometer regime occur. The text also reviews the physics of magnetism and experimental methods of measuring magnetic properties necessary to understanding how nanosizing affects magnetism. Various kinds of magnetic structures are presented by the author in order to explain how nanosizing influences their magnetic properties. The book also presents potential and actual applications of nanomaterials in the fields of medicine and computer data storage.

Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures:

  • Covers the magnetism in carbon and born nitride nanostructures, bulk nanostructured magnetic materials, nanostructured magnetic semiconductors, and the fabrication of magnetic nanostructures
  • Discusses emerging applications of nanomaterials such as targeted delivery of drugs, enhancement of images in MRI, ferrofluids, and magnetic computer data storage
  • Includes end-of-chapter exercises and five appendices

Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures is written for senior undergraduate and graduate students in physics and nanotechnology, material scientists, chemists, and physicists.

Keywords: Nanostructures; Quantum Dots; Magnetism; Paramagnetism; Ferromagnetism; Magnetic Resonance; Antiferromagnetism; Superparamagnetism; Magnetic Nanoparticles; Magnetic Quantum Wells; Magnetic Quantum Wires; Carbon Nanostructures; Boron Nitride Nanostructures; Fullerene; Graphene; Magnetism in Graphene; Electron-Hole Junctions; MOSFET; Nanosized MOSFETS; Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors; DMS Quantum Wells; DMS Quantum Dots; Ferrofluids; Magnetic Storage; Magnetic Photonics Crystals; Magnetic Nanowires, Magnetic Materials, Electromagnetic Theory, Magnetic Materials, Electromagnetic Theory

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