Weigand, Robert A.

Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management, + Online Video Course: Tools to Analyze and Manage Your Stock Portfolio

Weigand, Robert A. - Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management, + Online Video Course: Tools to Analyze and Manage Your Stock Portfolio, ebook


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A "hands-on" guide to applied equity analysis and portfolio management

From asset allocation to modeling the intrinsic value of a stock, Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management + Online Video Course offers readers a solid foundation in the practice of fundamental analysis using the same tools and techniques as professional investors. Filled with real-world illustrations and hands-on applications, Professor Weigand's learning system takes a rigorous, empirical approach to topics such as analyzing the macro-finance environment, sector rotation, financial analysis and valuation, assessing a company's competitive position, and reporting the performance of a stock portfolio.

Unlike typical books on this subject—which feature chapters to read and exercises to complete—this resource allows readers to actively participate in the learning experience by completing writing exercises and manipulating interactive spreadsheets that illustrate the principles being taught. The learning system also features instructional videos that demonstrate how to use the spreadsheet models and excerpts from the author's blog, which are used to depict additional examples of the analysis process. Along the way, it skillfully outlines an effective approach to creating and interpreting outputs typically associated with a top-down money management shop — including a macroeconomic forecasting newsletter, detailed stock research reports, and a portfolio performance attribution analysis.

  • Covers topics including active and passive money management, fundamental analysis and portfolio attribution analysis
  • Companion streaming videos show how to use free online data to create yourown analyses of key economic indicators, individual stocks, and stock portfolios
  • A valuable resource for universities who have applied equity analysis and portfolio management courses

Practical and up-to-date, the book is an excellent resource for those with a need for practical investment expertise.

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