Lewis, David M.

The Coloration of Wool and Other Keratin Fibres

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Keratin fibres, particularly wool fibres, constitute an important natural raw material in textiles due to their comfort and thermal proprieties. Wool coloration demands an understanding of the complex nature of the interplay between wool fibre chemistry, morphology and the coloration processes.

The Coloration of Wool and other Keratin Fibres is a comprehensive treatment, written by leading international experts, of the chemistry and chemical processes involved in wool dyeing, printing, preparation and finishing.

The book covers: 

  • the chemical and physical structure of wool keratin fibres, detailing their complex heterogeneity and the subtle links between fibre structure and dyeability
  • the coloration of fabrics containing wool, including a variety of wool blends such as wool/silk, wool/polyester and wool/cotton, and luxury keratin fibres such as mohair, cashmere and camel
  • the chemistry of the various types of dyes utilised in wool dyeing and in-depth discussions on the physical properties to optimise these processes
  • practical application of dyes to wool in all its forms, loose stock, combed tops, yarns and piece goods, is covered in the chapter on wool dyeing machinery
  • two chapters, one on bleaching and whitening and one on dyeing human hair, provide a valuable extension to the topic of cosmetic chemistry

The Coloration of Wool and other Keratin Fibres is essential reading for professionals world-wide working in companies involved in the dyeing and printing of wool, wool blends and other keratin fibres and also for the producers of dyes and auxiliary dyeing agents. It is a valuable resource for teachers and students of universities and technical institutes, as well as for researchers who are focusing their investigations on wool, wool blends, human hair or dyes and auxiliaries.

Keywords: Industrial Chemistry, dyeing wool, printing wool, dyeing keratin fibers, wool coloration, keratin coloration, metal complex dyes, reactive dyes, wool dyeing, wool dyeing industry, wool industry, wool dyeing process

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