Wu, Qiuwei

Grid Integration of Electric Vehicles in Open Electricity Markets

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Presenting the policy drivers, benefits and challenges for grid integration of electric vehicles (EVs) in the open electricity market environment, this book provides a comprehensive overview of existing electricity markets and demonstrates how EVs are integrated into these different markets and power systems.

Unlike other texts, this book analyses EV integration in parallel with electricity market design, showing the interaction between EVs and differing electricity markets. Future regulating power market and distribution system operator (DSO) market design is covered, with up-to-date case studies and examples to help readers carry out similar projects across the world.

With in-depth analysis, this book describes:

  • the impact of EV charging and discharging on transmission and distribution networks
  • market-driven EV congestion management techniques, for example the day-ahead tariff based congestion management scenario within electric distribution networks 
  • optimal EV charging management with the fleet operator concept and smart charging management
  • EV battery technology, modelling and tests 
  • the use of EVs for balancing power fluctuations from renewable energy sources, looking at power system operation support, including frequency reserve, power regulation and voltage support

An accessible technical book for power engineers and grid/distributed systems operators, this also serves as a reference text for researchers in the area of EVs and power systems. It provides distribution companies with the knowledge they need when facing the challenges introduced by large scale EV deployment, and demonstrates how transmission system operators (TSOs) can develop the existing system service market in order to fully utilize the potential of EV flexibility. With thorough coverage of the technologies for EV integration, this volume is informative for research professors and graduate students in power systems; it will also appeal to EV manufacturers, regulators, EV market professionals, energy providers and traders, mobility providers, EV charging station companies, and policy makers.

Keywords: Power Technology & Power Engineering, Grid Integration of Electric Vehicles in Open Electricity Markets, Electric Vehicle Integration, Smart Grid, Congestion Management, EV Battery Technology, Optimal Charging Management, Fleet Operator, Power System Reserve, Transmission Systems, Distribution Systems

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