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Eight Edges You Must Have: Your Written Trading Plan

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Why investors lose money and how NOT to

Wall Street makes it easy to jump into the game of trading. After all, they love taking your money. Trading without proper preparation could be a windfall for your broker, but fatal for your account. In this e-book, bestselling financial writer and trading expert Van K. Tharp shares eight essential rules that will help you NOT lose your shirt and even make a profit in the world of trading.

In Your Written Trading Strategy: The Eight Rules to Avoid Losing Money, Van K. Tharp explains that success in the markets takes the same amount of—perhaps even more—work, study, and commitment that any other profession requires. For those people who are committed to learn how to trade properly, who do the obligatory work and possess the necessary talents, it is quite possible to make a lot of money in the market in the long run. To that end, he outlines the eight key reasons why people lose money in their trading and investing and shows how to avoid them.

  • Lists the eight essential reasons people fail at trading—from the fact that you're playing Wall Street's game to the common misconception that trading is technical when in fact, it’s 100% psychological
  • Written by recognized trading expert Van K. Tharp, bestselling author of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
  • Reveals the secrets of trading psychology that can give traders a significant advantage

Utilizing charts and solid data throughout the book, Tharp arms traders with eight essential rules to follow to protect themselves from falling into the traps awaiting the poorly prepared and to maximize their potential for coming out winners in the game of the trade.

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