Graham, Gavin

Investing in Frontier Markets: Opportunity, Risk and Role in an Investment Portfolio

Graham, Gavin - Investing in Frontier Markets: Opportunity, Risk and Role in an Investment Portfolio, ebook


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The only comprehensive guide to reaping big returns investing in the hottest new growth markets

This book makes a compelling case that, just as today's well-rounded portfolio includes emerging market funds, tomorrow's well-rounded portfolio will include frontier market funds. More importantly, it alerts you to the vast opportunities and potential pitfalls of investing in frontier markets while providing expert advice and guidance on how to research and invest in the most promising frontier growth markets. Widely considered to be the next emerging markets, frontier markets, such as those of certain sub-Saharan African, Eastern European, Asian, and Central and South American countries, are showing strong signs of reaching economic critical mass. If you are an investor on the lookout for authoritative, actionable information on the next big investment opportunity, this book is for you.

  • Provides sector-by-sector analyses that let you assess opportunities and risks in each frontier market
  • Provides strategies and tools for determining the most efficient methods for executing, monitoring, and exiting investments
  • Guides you through the wide diversity within frontier markets, showing how to differentiate countries on the basis of economic development and wealth distribution and other factors

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