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Weather and Society: Toward Integrated Approaches

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Weather and Society: Toward Integrated Approaches provides the first interdisciplinary approach to the subject of weather and society. This guide to the evolving set of problem-solving approaches to weather’s societal issues successfully integrates social science’s techniques, concepts and methodologies into meteorological research and practice. Drawing especially on the work of the WAS*IS workshops (Weather and Society * Integrated Studies), this important reference offers a framework for starting to understand how the consideration of societal impacts can enhance the scientific disciplines that address the scope and impacts of weather, particularly meteorology. Filled with tools, concepts, case studies and helpful exercises, this resource:

  • Lays the groundwork for conducting interdisciplinary work by learning new strategies and addressing typical challenges
  • Identifies leaders of the movement to integrate social science and meteorology and highlights their contributions
  • Includes discussion of such tools as Geographic Information Systems, survey design, focus groups, participatory research and interviewing techniques and concepts
  • Reveals effective integrated research and applications though real-world examples in a global context
  • Helps to identify ways to pursue research, application, and educational opportunities for integrated weather-society work

Weather and Society is a hands-on guide for academics, students and professionals that offers a new approach to the successful integration of social science concepts and methodologies into the fabric of meteorological research and practice.

Keywords: Geographical Methodology & Techniques, Geographical Methodology & Techniques,

Introduction to weather and society; need for integrated approach to weather and society; defining weather and society; what is common to social sciences and atmospheric sciences; social sciences methodologies; Doing social science vs. incorporating societal impacts; Early weather forecasting for impacts; Historians and weather; Weather and society efforts build on natural hazards research and practice; Efforts to add social dimensions to solving weather problems; doing social science reveals challenges to accepted assumptions; Physical science myths related to climate and are applicable to weather; Meteorological aspects of non-meteorological hazards; Research that evaluates what people did when they heard a warning; Weather and Society; Eve Gruntfest

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