Brookfield, Stephen D.

The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom

Brookfield, Stephen D. - The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom, ebook


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Energize your classrooms with these key techniques for collegeteaching

Students say the best teachers get them excited about learning,stretch their thinking, and keep them actively involved in class.But with increasingly diverse classrooms and constantly changingtechnology, each semester throws up new challenges for engagingstudents.

Discover how to keep your teaching, and your students, energizedwith The Skillful Teacher, a practical guide to effectivetechniques, approaches, and methods for today's college classrooms.Providing insights, reflections, and advice from his four decadesof college teaching, Stephen Brookfield now adapts his successfulmethods to teaching online, working with diverse studentpopulations, and making classrooms truly inclusive. As well asbeing completely revised, updated, and rewritten, this edition addssix brand new chapters on:

  • Teaching critical thinking
  • Using play and creativity in the classroom
  • Teaching in teams
  • Helping students take responsibility for learning
  • Teaching about racism
  • Exercising teacher power responsibly

Readers will delve into what learning feels like from astudent's perspective, as well as absorb the wisdom of veterancollege faculty with whom the author has worked. Themes from thebestselling previous editions remain, but are revisited andexpanded with the perspective of an additional decade in theclassroom. This authoritative guide is now even more comprehensiveto better serve teachers looking to improve. Whether you are new tothe classroom or are looking to rise to new challenges, TheSkillful Teacher will provide answers, expand your repertoireof techniques, and invigorate your teaching and yourclassrooms.

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