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Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers

Nudelman, Greg - Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers, ebook


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Master the challenges of Android user interface development with these sample patterns

With Android 4, Google brings the full power of its Android OS to both smartphone and tablet computing. Designing effective user interfaces that work on multiple Android devices is extremely challenging. This book provides more than 75 patterns that you can use to create versatile user interfaces for both smartphones and tablets, saving countless hours of development time. Patterns cover the most common and yet difficult types of user interactions, and each is supported with richly illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

  • Includes sample patterns for welcome and home screens, searches, sorting and filtering, data entry, navigation, images and thumbnails, interacting with the environment and networks, and more
  • Features tablet-specific patterns and patterns for avoiding results you don't want
  • Illustrated, step-by-step instructions describe what the pattern is, how it works, when and why to use it, and related patterns and anti-patterns
  • A companion website offers additional content and a forum for interaction

Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers provides extremely useful tools for developers who want to take advantage of the booming Android app development market.

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