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The Landscape Lighting Book

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Richly illustrated and fully updated practical guidance on every aspect of landscape lighting

LED technology offers a new light source in landscape design. In the process, it causes huge changes to the configuration of lighting fixtures. The Third Edition of The Landscape Lighting Book includes information to help guide readers on the use of LED technology. With extensive new art and photographs and changes throughout the book, this edition offers expert guidance and advice on the theory, design process, project needs, and techniques for all types of elements in landscape lighting.

This new edition stresses the importance of communication with all members of a project team, planning for guidance as changes occur, and making sure that maintenance is done regularly to keep a lighting system functioning. It covers ideas and techniques required to create a wide range of landscape lighting effects, from soft through dramatic.

Lighting, a relatively new part of landscape design, continues to evolve, and this important new edition:

  • Provides a guideline for understanding LED technology now, and what to look for in the future
  • Includes in-depth information on planning, documenting, commissioning, and maintaining projects
  • Offers a wealth of new photographs and illustrations demonstrating examples and varying approaches to the multitude of issues in landscape spaces
  • Features updated information on mesopic vision and control strategies, with a new approach to renderings that gives designers and clients a real view of how their landscape can look at night
  • Covers changes in materials and finishes, and takes a fresh look at lamps and fixtures available to make gardens live at night

The Landscape Lighting Book, Third Edition is an indispensable resource for lighting designers, landscape architects, architects, interior designers, developers, illuminating engineers, and urban planners, as well as for contractors, design-build professionals, and students in these fields.

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