Naroff, Joel

Big Picture Economics: How to Navigate the New Global Economy

Naroff, Joel - Big Picture Economics: How to Navigate the New Global Economy, ebook


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Interpret the future of the economy with this "crash course" resource

Economics may be known in some circles as the "dismal science," but that doesn't mean those interested in economics should have a dismal outlook. By adopting an approach to economics that accounts for the past, present, and the future, individuals can gain a greater sense of the whole story behind today's global economy. Big Picture Economics provides a roadmap for this new system, and is a crash course in economics that empowers readers to deepen their perspectives, fully understand the state of the economy, and interpret how it can affect their financial lives and futures.

Decoding the mysteries of a tumultuous economy is not easy, but this resource provides the necessary context to help people put the pieces together and form frameworks for future decision-making. With unique insight, a candid approach, and the expertise to back it up, the authors delve into the future of economics and the rapid rate of change in the financial world.

  • Explores the factors that make up the business cycle and discusses global issues and taxation
  • Considers whether a balanced budget is good, bad, or irrelevant, and delves into monetary policy and low interest rates
  • Provides historical perspectives on the global economy and the factors that have led to its current state
  • Designed as a crash course for individuals looking for guidance and the ability to navigate recent changes in the financial world

Highlighting the experiences of dozens of real-life professionals in varying financial stages, Big Picture Economics provides a unique vantage point from which to view the future of economics.

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