Wang, Qiuliang

Practical Design of Magnetostatic Structure Using Numerical Simulation

Wang, Qiuliang - Practical Design of Magnetostatic Structure Using Numerical Simulation, ebook


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Covers the practical numerical method for the analysis and design of magnets

Extensively covers the magnet design and computation aspects from theories to practical applications, emphasizing design methods of practical structures such as superconducting, electromagnetic and permanent magnet for use in various scientific instruments, industrial processing, biomedicine and special electrical equipments. The computations cover a wide range of numerical techniques and analytical derivation to efficiently provide solutions to complicated problems that are often encountered in practice, where simple analytical calculations are no longer adequate.

Chapters include: Introduction of Magnet Technology, Magnetostatic Equation for the Magnet Structure, Finite Element Analysis for Magnetostatic Field, Integral Method for Magnetostatic Field, Numerical Method of Solenoid Coils Design, Series Analysis of Axially Symmetric Magnetic Field, Magnets with High Magnetic Field and High Homogeneity, Permanent Magnet and its Applications, Shimming Magnetic Field with Optimal Magnet Structure, Electro-Mechanical Effect of Magnet, Calculation Formula of Magnetic Field Vector/Recurrence Formula of Legendre Function/Magnetization Equation in Cylindrical Coordinate System.

  • Presents a clear introduction to magnet technology, followed by basic theories, numerical analysis and practical applications
  • Emphasizes the latest developments in magnet design, including MRI systems, and provides comprehensive numerical techniques that provide solutions to practical problems
  • Covers the most recent developments on magnet design and application as well as emphasizing latest computation techniques for optimising and characterising the magnetostatic structure design

Essential reading for Researchers in Magnets and Applications, Materials Scientists, Structural Engineers, Graduate students in  Electrical Engineering.

Keywords: Superconductors

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