Kaipa, Prasad

From Smart to Wise: Acting and Leading with Wisdom

Kaipa, Prasad - From Smart to Wise: Acting and Leading with Wisdom, ebook


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A fresh and timely approach to nurturing wise, resilient, and flexible leadership in a world of growing complexity

Leaders tend to obstinately stick to the leadership style that brought them most success in the past, usually one of two extreme styles: functional leadership that focuses on operational excellence or smart leadership that focuses on growth. When a leader's focus is too functional, the organization becomes introverted and can focus too much on bottom-line profitability while missing out on top-line growth opportunities. But when leaders focus too much on smart leadership, the organization may experience quick growth but lose its effectiveness quickly.

From Smart to Wise offers a new approach that balances the two styles to achieve a form of wise leadership that is both functional and smart. Drawing on inspiring real-life stories of historical and contemporary wise leaders such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and even Mahatma Gandhi, the authors identify six characteristics of wise leaders and offer a practical framework to help readers develop their own style of wise leadership.

  • A timely and innovative approach to leadership
  • Written by noted speakers who conduct dozens of keynote speeches and workshops, training thousands of people annually

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